Proposed Extension to Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast

Proposed alterations and three storey side extension to private hospital (amendment to previous planning permission for two storey extension granted under LA04/2017/0005/F)


Kingsbridge Private Hospital has been granted planning permission for a two storey extension and is now seeking permission to add a third storey to accommodate an additional operating theatre and endoscopy facilities to meet urgent waiting lists.

The proposed extension is to be located at 807- 809 Lisburn Road, Belfast directly adjoining the existing Kingsbridge Private Hospital at 811 – 815 Lisburn Road on the south west side, and the existing Diagnostic Suite operating in conjunction with the Hospital at 801 – 805 Lisburn Road, lying immediately to the north east.  The application site is situated close to the north west side of the Lisburn Road close to its junction with Balmoral Avenue and Stockman’s Lane, and immediately beside the approach to the flyover bridge leading to the Upper Lisburn Road. On the north west side, the site is bounded by the raised embankment of the Belfast to Dublin Railway line.

Planning Policy

In Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland (SPPS) published in September 2015 paragraph states that the ‘planning system has an active role to play in helping to better the lives of the people and communities in Northern Ireland and in supporting the Executive’s key priority of improving health and well-being’. This application for an extension to Kingsbridge Private Hospital represents an enhancement to the general healthcare infrastructure of the greater Belfast area.


Kingsbridge Private Hospital has been providing a vital service in Northern Ireland Healthcare for more than a decade.

Over that time, we have supported the NHS by facilitating more than one million patient episodes through the HSC Waiting List Initiatives.

In addition, more than 50,000 people each year have eased the burden on the NHS by using our services on a privately funded basis.

This includes people from all over Great Britain and Ireland who have travelled to our facility and used local B&Bs, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and shops. The hospital operates one of the most vibrant medical tourism services on these islands welcoming more than 4,000 patients from outside N. Ireland each year.

Today the Hospital is an integral part of local healthcare provision and as a demand led service, we are treating patients from all over the island in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general surgery and gynaecology to name but a few.

Now as local public sector waiting lists are ever increasing, we are moving to provide equally vital cardiac and cancer support services with proposed new Operating Theatre and Outpatient facilities on the Lisburn Road.

Planning permission has already been granted for a two storey extension and work has commenced, but the urgent need for vital endoscopy suite aiding cancer diagnosis, and ophthalmic theatres to ease a 256 week NHS waiting list can be supported with the addition of a third storey.

This will cause minimal disruption in construction while maximising benefit to those most in need on the waiting lists.

It is equally important to us to be a good neighbour and ensure that we encourage and support local traders, suppliers and the community we serve.

With this proposed extension we will be able to provide critical services as well as a significantly positive economic impact for the Lisburn Road trader community.

Public Consultation

Kingsbridge Healthcare Group will be holding an online Public Consultation event on Thursday 21st January 2021 from 10am until 4pm to discuss proposed plans to add a third storey to an existing two storey planning permission for Kingsbridge Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast.

Members of the public can join our open Zoom meeting at any time from 10am to 4pm and will have access to senior executives to discuss the plans.

Zoom Details: Zoom Link

Once you dial in you will enter a waiting room and will join the meeting as soon as possible.

Further contact can be made by emailing
Or telephone Sheila Davidson on 07785703672

Proposed Plans For Extension To Kingsbridge Private Hospital


11 presentation plans-proposed ground floor 1-200 A1-compressed

12 presentation plans-proposed first floor 1-200 A1-min

13 presentation plans-proposed second floor 1-200 A1-min

14 Proposed Street Elevations A1 25 11 20-min

21 presentation plans-Proposed Ground Floor Plan 1-100 A2-min

22 presentation plans-Proposed First Floor 1-100 A2-min

23 presentation plans-Proposed Second Floor 1-100 A2-min

26 Proposed Elevations 1 100 A1 25 11 20-compressed

Rendered Visualisation of Proposed Extension

Current Exterior Image